Missouri ProVote advances progressive values in Missouri by identifying progressive candidates for state office, supporting their campaigns, and then holding elected officials accountable through the legislative process.

ProVote’s work as Health Care for America Now's lead partner organization in Missouri was instrumental in the historic passage of federal health care reform. Because of our work, over 500,000 Missourians could gain access to affordable health care at a fraction of the current cost structure. Click here to see how important this reform package is for all Missourians. From the beginning of this fight more than two years ago, St. Louis Regional Organizer Julie Terbrock has lead ProVote’s statewide efforts coordinating with HCAN and state partners and allies, organizing against anti-reform forces, and working tirelessly to communicate with our Federally elected officials to support Health Care Reform that Missourians want and need. Although we succeeded in passing Federal Reform, right-wing forces in Jefferson City are promoting an unconstitutional and politically motivated initiative that would exempt all Missourians from these federal reforms. These dangerous efforts are outlined here. Missouri ProVote will continue to fight on the front lines of this battle to demand that our citizens are able to enjoy all of the benefits of health care reform.