2013 Missouri ProVote Program Highlights 

The tax deal recently passed by Congress to avoid the “fiscal cliff” was only the first step toward making our tax system fairer. In the wake of the “fiscal cliff” deal, we prepare for the debate that will unfold over how to avoid the $1 trillion in across-the-board sequestration cuts, the debt ceiling, and the expiration of government funding in late March.

Working with a broad coalition of allies, ProVote will continue to advance key progressive initiatives, including tax fairness, reshaping the Pentagon for the 21st Century, comprehensive immigration reform, job creation, and health care expansion.

Health Care

ProVote will continue to be an important leader and partner in the fight to protect Medicaid and Medicare. ProVote will continue to advocate for Medicaid expansion, the strengthening of Medicare through negotiating prescription drug pricing, and affordable health care for every Missourian.

Fair Taxes, Not Cuts!

We start the year with round two of the budget showdown. Missouri ProVote will continue to work with coalition partners to achieve the federal budget we need through increased revenue from corporate tax dodgers and the top 1%. Revenue must be raised, but cutting vital social programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security is simply not an option! ProVote will spend the first part of 2013 promoting voter awareness and civic engagement as we stand against corporate tax loopholes that force hard working Americans to shoulder the burden of nearly $300 billion in taxes that goes unpaid.

End Wasteful Pentagon Spending

ProVote will engage in a coalition effort to focus on the long-overdue Pentagon budget cuts. Experts across the political spectrum agree that $500 billion to $1 trillion could be cut without any reduction in military readiness. Ending wasteful Pentagon spending must take priority over cutting critical social programs.


In the first part of 2013, Missouri ProVote will have the opportunity to join with our coalition partners to push for and pass comprehensive immigration reform that features a path to citizenship for 11 million residents in our country. ProVote will have the opportunity to work with immigrant communities along with non-immigrant families as we advocate for long-overdue action on this critical issue.

Job Creation

Jobs remains at the forefront of ProVote’s campaign messages and issue planks. Throughout 2013, we will continue to look for opportunities to attract the funding and political support needed to advance comprehensive jobs initiatives.

ProVote will continue to fight to protect programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and make sure that all of our electeds know that the budget can not be balanced on cuts alone, and that raising revenue must be part of the solution.


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