State Legislative and Issue Work


Missouri ProVote collaborated with a variety of partners on legislation in the 2012 session. ProVote worked on a variety of progressive fights, including Women’s Health, Teacher Tenure, Health Care Implementation, and Proof of Citizenship Photo ID.

ProVote continues to engage in regular planning and strategy sessions and calls with partners on Federal Health Care Implementation, including weekly calls during legislative session to track the movement and opportunity of legislation, as well as smaller collaborative calls and meetings of grassroots organizations focused on highlighting the stories of individuals and leaders in the media, at events and in hearings who would be impacted by proposed legislation.

On Sunday, May 6, 2012, over 350,000 signatures were submitted to the Secretary of State’s office to cap the rate on predatory lending and the raising of Missouri’s minimum wage to $8.25. Workers, community leaders, faith leaders and representatives of Missourians for Responsible Lending and Give Missourians a Raise worked tirelessly during the last several months to gather the needed signatures.

ProVote is a proud part of this coalition. In Congressional Districts 1 and 3, ProVote managed the paid canvassing crews. In Congressional District 7, we oversaw the volunteer effort to gather signatures. We worked with our activist base, unions, students, community groups and members of faith to gather the needed signatures. Also, during the last three weeks, ProVote staff in St. Louis assisted in quality control efforts at the processing center.

We look forward to seeing these issues (Minimum Wage & Payday Lending Reform) on the November 2012 Election.  These are issues that will help not only help those who need it most, but they will help elect Representatives and Senators who will fight for these issues in the Legislature.


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