Medicaid Expansion

While the proposed Medicaid expansion has already received support from Gov. Jay Nixon, members of the General Assembly, and the Missouri Hospital Association, Missouri faces hurdles to the expansion within its Republican-controlled legislature.

Local economies throughout Missouri would benefit greatly from Medicaid expansion. In 2014, the Medicaid initiative is estimated to bring an additional $1.56 billion into the state’s economy, the equivalent of bring a new large employer to the state. Furthermore, a new analysis from the Missouri Hospital Association projects that failing to expand Medicaid could cost the state thousands of jobs and a massive cost shift to the uninsured.

The expansion of Medicaid in Missouri would help every region of the state, but it would have the most dramatic impact in rural areas. It is estimated that Medicaid expansion will reduce the uninsured in rural areas like Southeast Missouri by 31% and Southwest Missouri by 29%.

In Missouri, there are currently 402,000 uninsured adults who would be eligible for Medicaid if the state expanded its Medicaid program. Of those currently uninsured, 351,000 would be newly eligible for Medicaid if the state expanded, while 51,000 are currently eligible but are not enrolled.

If Missouri expands Medicaid, it is estimated that 308,000 to 438,000 adults will newly enroll into the program by 2019. This will cost Missouri only 1.7% to 3.1% more than what Missouri would have spent on Medicaid during that timeframe without expansion.

ProVote will join the Missouri Medicaid Coalition, Missouri Foundation for Health, and other organizations in the fight to expand Medicaid in Missouri.

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